Becoming a Great Songwriter

Great skill and excellence in what one does always sets him/her at a higher place than others. Actually, everyone looks for the best in any service – contracting, web design, online marketing, etc. Same applies to songwriting. The audience, composers, artists and producers are all selective in what they hear, sing and market. This therefore has sent all songwriters to the quest of becoming the best in writing captivating lyrics. Below are some of the best secrets of great song writers that you can use to develop your song crafting technique to becoming the greatest.


Just Start
What most writers do is to think they will start writing when they have the talent developed. We often take time to act and think we can become better with time. But you actually need to take a pen and a paper or your laptop and write down what you have in mind just as they flow. You can later come and re-write it. With this practice, you will learn to have confidence in what you start and you will notice you are getting better.
Know your Story
As a song-writer, you need to have the totality of the story you are to write about. Most songwriters either have only the beginning or the end of their story well thought of. For excellence, you need to craft your story to wholeness in order to have a good basis for your writing. This will ensure chronological flow of ideas and sense in the message. So there you have it. Embrace your story.
Write what you feel
Write the thoughts or meditation of your heart. Do not try to form a story based on someone’s feelings. Well, you can do that. But you will notice the intensity of the emotion in the lyrics when using your own present or past feelings. be true to your words and mean what you say.
Find your writing mojo
Each writer is different in their own great way. By finding your own mojo, I mean that you learn yourself and establish the things or situations that give you the desire to write. For some this will be a silent environment either indoors or outdoors with chirping birds and fresh air. For others, it could be going for a visit to the orphanage, visiting the sick or helping a needy person. For a Gospel song writer, it will definitely be reading and meditating your Bible! When you know yourself better, you will know the best for you and this will bring out great skill.
Embrace your simplicity
As you write, you will definitely feel you would have done better than what you have written. It is often the case that most song writers hate their lyrics! We all start from somewhere, right? Therefore, spare yourself the self criticism and embrace the simplicity in your lyrics. You will note that people actually appreciate it! The best things are said in the simplest of words; as long as they come from the heart.

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Music is..

11859970-instrumentos-musicales-de-colores-silueta-en-forma-de-circuloA basic definition of music according to the western world is that the written record organization of sounds that’s, bound ensuring sounds at certain times, that create melodically, swinging and harmonic sense.

The first, most simple conception, is keeping the sounds “in time”. This leads us to some the primary few musical concepts beat, rhythm, and period.

  • The beat is that the regular pulse that provides a `timeline` for the rhythm to anchor itself to.
  • Rhythm is perennial patterns of long or short, stressed or light sounds or silences that match into the most beat.
  • Duration is that the length of notes or sounds or silences that facilitate the rhythm.
  • One way to appear at however we have a tendency to understand music is as horizontal and vertical patterns. We have a tendency to hear melodies as a horizontal pattern. The notes (and silences) are detected one once the opposite over an amount of your time.

Music5Rhythm is that the most elementary construct of music. All told cultures worldwide, the foremost straightforward and basic types of music are strict rhythms. A rhythm could be a pulse, a repetition of sounds during a pattern. Straight forward rhythms are recognized at once. Sound rhythmically at a drum constitutes sound it at regular intervals during a pattern. The foremost common prosody in contemporary Western music is time (say four-four time). This can be wherever four pulses return one when the opposite, with the primary of every four being given stress (known as accent)

Sometimes you might need help with the wiring of musical equipment and we know the professionals that can assist in this electrical area of expertise.


music_notes11R&B that mean for Rhythm and Blues was a reputation coined as a result of want instead of vogue. Throughout the 40s, any music created by the African-American world was termed ‘black music’ or ‘race music’. The term was quite offensive and so, scrawny the expansion and recognition of the artists. So as to create it sound a lot of upbeat, hoarding newsperson German Wexler coined R&B, and also, the phrase has stuck since then.

Hip Hop:

hiphop6-300x204The music of hip hop is simply an area of the total culture, an awfully massive half. The music is marked by a major importance to the bass and, therefore, the beats, with rapping because the predominant vocal variety. That is why rap could be a  part of hip hop culture, and thus, its designs are an area of hip hop music.

American Music:

Latin music goes lots farther back and deeper than what it’s these days. Whereas you have got the Latino artists creating pop dance-and-romance numbers, the older sorts of Latin music are implausibly totally different and nevertheless humble.

All in all, Latin music are a few things that come from any a part of the geographic area, be it Cuba or Brazil or Argentina. Or it used to; currently Latin music additionally includes artists from the U.S.A. and Europe that have a Latin background or vogue.

Does music help plants grow?

It’s not that easy to fully embrace, but plants are a very advanced form of life. Indeed, plants meet every single condition set to verify if an object is living. They are composed of cells, they thrive on energy and nutrients, grow, actively respond to the environment surrounding them, reproduce and die (although their lifespans are often much more impressive than ours).

So yes, the plants are definitely alive! And although they are not likely to become your best friends or join a soccer team, some pleasures of life appear to be quite accessible and enjoyable for them.  For instance – yes, we are not insane – plants appear to listen to music. How is this even possible, you’re asking? It’s time for a little plant anatomy lesson.

Many years ago, plant physiologists have discovered that plants breathe through their numerous mouths, which are called stomata. Recently, a group of scientists at the University of California discovered a mechanism that controls those mouths. It appears that a single stoma consists of two specialised guard cells, tuned to a very specific resonant frequency of calcium. This frequency forces stoplantmusic1mata to shut. However, if the desired frequency is not achieved, the cells will open again soon – even if the concentration of calcium is very high!

See, exposure to music does just that – changes the frequency. Turns out that exposure to high tones can change the patterns of stomata openings and closures, which means plants can listen to music and react to it in their own way – you may even consider it “a dance”!

That’s not all the news, however. Music can even be used to stimulate plant growth! Extensive research in the area has allowed to design a precise musical leaf fertiliser which is tuned to the plant. It achieves amazing results by stimulating stomata opening and promoting the development and growth. It makes sense if you consider that plants absorb fertiliser via their stomata! Combinations of music frequency and leaf fertiliser have been successfully developed for many different types of crops, and we are expecting to see those in retail quite soon.

There is a major catch to this method, though. If stomata are open for too long, the plant is risking to loose to much water via uncontrollable transpiration, which may lead to dehydration and irreversible damage. To avoid that, scientists do not recommend exposing plants to music for over 3 hours, otherwise risks tend to outweigh the benefits.

Moreover, it’s very important to get the frequency right – although negative effects of “wrong” frequencies are not yet explored enough to draw conclusions. Perhaps, plants just have music preferences, just like we do?

In conclusion, although it’s not 100% clear how exactly music influences plant growth and development, the effects are apparent. Who knows – maybe in a few years we’ll discover that plants have ears!

Sia cries before big New York event

As one of Sia’s most popular songs goes, “Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking” – and the famous singer and song writer herself is no exception.

Sia - SXSW 2008

Despite her immense success, the Australian singer Sia Fuller strongly prefers to remain in shadows, supplying hits for starts such as Rihanna and David Guetta instead. In fact, many people would not even recognize her if she was right at their face, as Sia usually refuses to be taped or photographed for interviews. The pop star almost always wears face-covering wigs and props, and uses stand-ins such as a talented teenager Maddie Ziegler to represent her in music videos and during events.

It’s a well known fact that Sia is a long-term social phobia and severe anxiety sufferer. Upon reaching overwhelming popularity in 2010, the singer was abusing drugs and alcohol, and even attempted a suicide which was interrupted by a phone call from a close friend. After that, Sia entered a 12-step rehab program and began to claim her life back.

Her recent return as a solo singer was very brave, considering she is still battling the demons. But Sia does not give up, taking control of public appearances as much as she can, although she’s not quite ready to embrace all effects of fame yet.

Earlier this year, on one of the U.S. talk shows Sia admitted: “I don’t wear this (wig) unless there are cameras around. I only wear this to try and maintain a modicum of privacy. […] I was a singer for 10 or 11 years to mediocre success. I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and I sobered up and I decided I didn’t want to be an artist anymore because I was starting to get a little bit famous and it was destabilising in some way […] I thought, ‘What doesn’t exist in pop music at the moment?’ And it was mystery!”

Sia has no plans to revisit the dark times ever again – however, unfortunately the singer is still experiencing breakdowns. On Friday, 22nd of July 2016, Sia broke down to tears before a huge appearance in New York’s Central Park during for Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series. Apparently, the pop star was worried that her voice was too “croaky” to perform. She also admitted that the concert anticipation made her more nervous than usual, as she woke up with a sore throat that morning.

Despite the worries, the performance went extremely well and received praises from the audience. Sia performed a variety of popular hits, including Chandelier and Unstoppable. Admittedly, the sore throat struggle was real, though, as she had to skip some of the highest notes, which was quite noticeable.

Moreover, Sia has announced plans for her first full concert in five years, much to everyone’s excitement. If you are not prepared to wait that long, you can catch Sia during in North American with Miguel for the Nostalgic for the Present Tour in a couple of months.